Industrial equipment database

For a quick and easy search of industrial equipment, units, products and materials.

  •   Equipment, units and materials database.
  •   Editing for consumers and manufacturers.
  •   Manual and automated data search .
  •   Exact search by parameters.
  •   Access to external services.
  •   Systematized database.

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RFID tag is a unique identifier of equipment unit.


Every equipment unit is provided with a E-passport.

Equipment data

E-passport contains all necessary information about an equipment unit.

Documents transfer

The simple process of transferring documentation from a manufacturer to a consumer.


Regularly updated equipment repair and maintenance history.

New equipment

Planned and timely order of new equipment.


Automation of business processes with the help of RFID technology.


RFID tags are used to identify equipment units and get all necessary data about them.

Real time information

Getting relevant information about the equipment on the stages of the search and purchase.

Equipment operation

Every equipment unit is provided with the relevant structured documentation.

Warehouse management

Warehouse management system with an automated, real-time, user-friendly approach.


Effective management of the lifecycle of equipment during the whole operation period of the equipment.

Repair history

Effective management of equipment technical maintenance and repair.


RFID automation of production and transport logistics.

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